Our Story

How we architect the arc

We understand storytelling. We understand pace and movement. Done well a story moves people through thought to dialogue to action. There has never been a greater time to develop and distribute your story than now. Through the digital media channels available today it’s clear that video has a greater resonance than any other medium. At Social Arcs we believe your resources are best returned through digital “episodes” that allow you to release your content over time and reveal your story over a longer arc. Your audience wants to be engaged. We know how to architect the right message. Let us help frame your conversation.


Second only to having the right expertise, the key to creating great stories is having the right tools. Professional production equipment separates the run & gun hopefuls from the intentional artisans of a moment; and because creativity does not succeed in a box, Social Arcs is home to a growing list of Camera support, Lighting & Grip and Audio recording equipment. Whether your project calls for interview setups, narrative scenes, commercial documentaries or step by step curriculum, we’ve got the tools needed to put it all together! From our scalable grip truck options, our broad range of LED sources, our 4K RAW Inspire2 Drone… operated by certified private-pilots…, our dual RED Raven packages and our seven lens Zeiss CP.2 set we’ve got the tools to build with excellence!


We’d love to tell your story